Astro Doings March 2015

Hi Everyone

March promises to be an exciting month, bringing endings, beginnings, changes of direction, eclipses, Spring and the astrological New Year. Let’s look at them as they occur.

March 5: Full Moon at 140 Virgo occurs at 1:05 pm ET.

As you know, full moons occur when the Sun and Moon are on opposite sides of the zodiac, in this case across the Virgo/Pisces continuum. These two signs, while both feminine (earth/water, respectively) and changeable (mutable) in their quality of energy, their perception of the world is very different. Virgo is most comfortable in analysis, order, and everything categorized in boxes. Pisces, on the other hand, navigates (a good word for it since Pisces is a water sign) earth plane experiences using her intuition and feelings.

Pisces has a tough time on this plane since it’s primary function or desire is to merge with all that is, to seek the numinous, to escape the constraints of the body and the limitations of this plane. It instinctively knows there is something more and vaguely remembers its divine origins. And it tries many ways to escape the everyday, and the ordinary. If you’ve been finding dealing with mundane things (like the grocery store) difficult recently, you can look to many planets in Pisces at the end of last month and an easy flow of energy (trine) from the Sun to Neptune, the ruler of Pisces. The good news is that the planets continue to move, so there aren’t so many in Pisces right now!

I believe that Virgo, like Scorpio, is one of the most misunderstood signs of the zodiac. I also believe that she is ruled by Chiron, although most books will tell you Mercury is the ruler of Virgo. (This is where Virgo gets its analytical, detail-oriented reputation, and this is certainly one way to use Virgoan energy.) However I believe that Virgo’s real purpose is one of integration, of pulling together all the different parts of ourselves into one Self-contained, Self-directed whole.

So this Full Moon offers us the opportunity to balance (you can think of it like a teeter-totter) our integrated, whole Self (Virgo) and our quest for our “greater” Self – our unfettered connection to the Divine within us (Pisces). The Moon represents our emotions, our attachment to the past, home, hearth, mother, nourishment of all kinds. Key word: balance.

March 14: Saturn stations retrograde at 40 Sagittarius at 11:02 a.m.

When a planet is going backward (moving from west to east by our perception from earth), we say that it is retrograde. When a planet changes direction, it basically stops and sits on that spot for a while. So whatever planets you might have from 00 to 100 Sagittarius, Gemini, Pisces, Virgo (the mutable signs) or Leo or Aries (the other fire signs) may be more impacted by this direction change. Sagittarius is an enthusiastic, larger-than-life, quester for Truth. So, while Saturn is going retrograde, this quest turns inward, to seek the truth about ourselves from inside. Sagittarius is ruled by Jupiter, the largest and most optimistic of the planets of our solar system. Saturn, on the other hand, rules restriction and lack, so Saturn in Jupiter’s sign may feel like we’re walking with our shoes tied together. However, we can also use this time to inwardly (retrograde) structure (Saturn) our quest for our own true self (Sagittarius) with optimism (Jupiter) that we will ultimately succeed.

March 16: Last (and 7th) exact square between Uranus and Pluto at 150 Aries and Capricorn respectively at 9:50 p.m.

Much has been written, by me and by others, about this challenging square between these two outer giants over the years of their square. This is the crisis point of radical shifts in consciousness that began when these two planets were next to each other (conjunct) in the 1960s. Uranus, the planet of rebellion, destroyer of outmoded forms and thinking is now in a challenging (or growth, depending on how you look at it) aspect to Pluto, the planet of the underground, secrets, power, and manipulation. Interesting that there were seven exact squares, since seven is the number of spiritual realization and the rise into a more evolved way of being. Aries is on a quest for High Self; Capricorn represents the structures (think government, health care or education systems) that either facilitate or impede this quest. This whole period has been more challenging for those with planets in the cardinal signs (Aries, Libra, Cancer and Capricorn) but most everyone has at least one (or more) planets in these signs. Transformation is at hand and planetary energy is there to assist it – both personally and collectively if we have the courage (Aries) to deeply transform (Pluto) using our higher mind (Uranus).

I should note that adding to the “excitement” of Uranus in Aries is the easy flow of energy (trine) from Jupiter in Leo. The fire element (Aries, Leo and Sagittarius) brings excitement, enthusiasm, optimism, recklessness and a focus on the future. (Of course the Sun will move into Aries this month as well, but more of that later.) I believe that some of the frenetic quality of the current energy can be attributed to this trine. However, water (Pisces) is a great way to put fire out, so there’s a conflict as well. Saturn is square Neptune in Pisces, as an example. Chiron is also in Pisces to add more water to the mix!

March 20: Total Solar Eclipse at 290 Pisces at 5:36 a.m.

I find this solar eclipse intriguing for a number of reasons. (It will be visible mostly in far northern Europe and the Artic. Even if we can’t see it, we will feel its effects.)

  1. It is the second new Moon in a row at the end of a sign. (Last month the new moon was at 290) New moons are generally considered new beginnings, a new cycle. So having them occur at the end of a sign is an interesting juxtaposition of beginnings and endings – perhaps the beginning of the end of old, entrenched patterns, of the status quo and of “the way we were.” In addition, Pisces is the last sign of the zodiac and Aries is the first, so there could be an every stronger sense of endings and beginnings.
  2. Solar eclipses are super-powerful new moons, and the energy portal (or vortex) that is opened at the degree of the eclipse remains a very sensitive point for one year for every hour of the eclipse – in this case four hours. So this point (290 Pisces) going to be very sensitive to ANY transiting planet for the next 4 years. People with planets from 200 to 290 Pisces, Virgo, Gemini, Sagittarius, Cancer or Scorpio and those with planets at early degrees of the cardinal signs (Aries, Libra, Cancer and Capricorn) will feel this open energy vortex more intensely. Time to end old, outworn patterns and removing blocks to who we are in truth. (If you want to learn more about eclipses, I recommend Celeste Teal’s comprehensive work on this topic, with a special focus on the impact of eclipses on world events, entitled Eclipses: Predicting World Events and Personal Transformation.)
  3. Adding to the Pisces emphasis to move away from linear thinking and to pay more attention to what our intuition (inner teaching) is telling us and to use our heart-mind are Chiron, Neptune and Mercury who are all in Pisces. The ruler of this eclipse is Neptune, ruler of Pisces, planet of compassion (among many other things, like fog.)
  4. This eclipse is next to the South lunar node. (Please see last month’s Astro Doings for more information about lunar nodes.) According to Teal, during this type of solar eclipse we may feel more of an energy drain and a need to recognize what is valid and what isn’t – a letting go of old emotional patterns. The south node represents patterns that we’ve carried into this lifetime to re-examine. Previously we have not positively used the energies of the sign of the eclipse (Pisces in this case), so an eclipse here is a powerful push to do away with old modes of thinking and being. In this case, the south node is in Aries. It also means a focus on service, balance and compassion.
  5. Which brings me to the last intriguing factor of this eclipse. It occurs 13 hours before the Vernal Equinox and the Sun’s entry into Aries. It’s the conflict of fire and water, restated here and by Saturn’s square to Neptune. It’s a powerful reminder that we need to let go (South Node) before we can begin anew (New Moon) and truly express who we are (Aries).

March 20: Sun enters Aries at 6:45 p.m. – Vernal Equinox

Happy New Year! The Sun’s entry into Aries marks the astrological new year as well as the beginning of spring. Aries energy is brash, reckless, restless, and questing. You can feel the shift in energy in nature, even though there may still be snow on the ground where you are. Birds starting singing and there’s a sense of “we’re going to make it!” Mars is also in Aries, his own sign, all month. Mars is the warrior, having energy to fight for what he believes. It’s male energy that initiates, starts (but doesn’t often finish) and looks always to the future. Aries has a “don’t fence me in” attitude, which is a definite change from reflective, inward-focused Pisces.

This month calls us to blend what might seem on the surface antithetical energies – fire and water. But fire’s enthusiasm and optimism and water’s compassion and intuition can help each other to express the best of each element for our highest good and for Mother Earth. It provides the energy for deep-seated transformation; the release of old patterns and beginnings of new (South Node – endings – Solar Eclipse – beginnings; the end of Pisces just before the new beginning in Aries). It provides energy to continue our quest for High Self (Aries) with compassion and understanding (Pisces).

Have a wonderful Spring!

Peace and abundant blessings,


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