Astro Doings March 2014

Hi Everyone

March is a month of transitions and new beginnings.  We start with a New Moon at 100 Pisces on the first and end with a New Moon at 90 Aries on the 30th.  Pisces is the last of the twelve signs of the zodiac, and there are currently four planets in this sign (Sun, Moon, Chiron and Neptune).  It rules the realm of all that is fluid, nebulous, spiritual, inner directed and heart centered.  It blurs boundaries and dissolves old belief and behavior patterns that no longer serve.  The beginning of March provides an opportunity to reflect and incorporate what we truly believe, to trust our inner knowing and to use it to see beyond what our perceptions show us.  It is a great time for spiritual growth. This is the gift of Pisces, which is an energy that is not always compatible with our Western culture. Continue reading