Astro Doings October 2012

Hi Everyone

Hope you had a great September and enjoyed the dance of the Moon and Jupiter in the heavens.  Jupiter was the closest he’s been to the Earth in 150 years.  Quite a show!  You’ll be glad to know that October looks a little quieter astrologically.

The Cardinal T-Square planets will spread out a little bit in October, which means the relationships will still be there, but not so intense.  So, a little energetic breather!  Jupiter and Uranus continue to go retrograde (apparently backwards) through the late degrees of Pisces.  When a planet is in retrograde motion, the energy is expressed more inwardly — less apparent to the outside world.  I believe we will continue to have issues with water — rain, too much, not enough, etc.  This is the prelude of Neptune’s entry into its own sign, Pisces, in 2011.  The symbol for Pisces is two fish swimming in opposite directions, tied together but totally unaware of each other.  So anyone with planets in late degrees of Cancer or Scorpio will find this an easy flow, although their emotions may be a little closer to the surface than usual — even Scorpio who doesn’t want anyone to know anything about them!   Saturn is moving faster than Pluto, so by the end of October their challenging relationship will be a little less intense also.  (Pluto still squares Uranus and Jupiter, but again, not as intensely.)

Venus changes direction (goes retrograde) on October 8th at 3:06 a.m. EDT. She’s currently in Scorpio and Mercury and the Sun will enter this deep, passionate, secretive water sign this month.  (Mercury on the 20th at 5:19 p.m.; the Sun on the 23rd at 8:35 a.m.)  The Sun’s entry into Scorpio is right after a full Moon (in late degrees Aries).  Scorpio is a water sign of the “still waters run deep” variety — a very intense, secretive, passionate, stubborn sign.  Think of the duck paddling across the pond.  Looks like he’s not doing much — but those feet are going like mad!  So, if you have any planets in early degrees Scorpio (1- 15) they will be activated by these planets going through the sign.  (The Sun,  Mercury and Venus will leave Scorpio in November, but that’s for next month!)  While emotions will be prominent, they may either be stuffed or not shared with anyone.   Venus is our love nature, sensuality, sexuality (along with Mars).  While retrograde a couple of things may happen.  You may take this time to internally examine your own love nature, how you love others, and how you take in love.  Any changes you make during this period or understandings you gain will probably not be apparent to anyone else until Venus goes direct again in November.  It also may mean that you have trouble expressing — or maybe even identifying — how you feel.  Not to worry — this period won’t last that long, but do take advantage of the gifts of introspection that it brings. How this will manifest in your world depends on how Venus in Scorpio relates to the Venus in your chart (if at all) and/or other planets.  So each response to this will be individual — of course! — since your free will is operating here as well.

Have a great October!



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