Astro Doings September 2012

Hi Everyone

Hope you enjoyed the Blue Moon last night — and tonight.  Compared to what we’ve been seeing, September looks pretty quiet, sort of!  Here’s what’s up.

Pluto:  The planet of transformation, deep rooting out of old patterns and shining light in dark places that we don’t want to look into finishes his long retrograde (backward, i.e. moving west to east) journey on September 18th at 1:05 a.m. EDT.  At that point he will be at 7 degrees Capricorn.  Attention all those with any planet or other sensitive point on the chart, like Ascendant, MidHeaven (top of the chart) or the lunar nodes at 2-12 degrees Capricorn, Virgo, Taurus, Aries, Libra or Cancer.  Now I’m sure you’ve figured out that this will really hit the uncomfortable (but growth stimulating) aspect between Uranus (rebellion, destroyer of old forms — or any form for that matter) in Aries (sign of the quest for Self) and Pluto, who’s in the sign of structure, stability, and the status quo. So, the energy could be quite intense around that time — great time for personal growth, shedding of old patterns — or not.  We can get more entrenched and unwilling to move, but it will be painful, if that’s our decision during this transit.

The Autumnal Equinox:  is September 22nd when the Sun enters Libra at 10:49 a.m.  Libra seeks balance — they don’t have it, but they’d like it.  It’s also the sign of the “other” in that Libra seeks to balance him/herself (Aries) with the “other.”  Now Aries couldn’t care less about the “other” and that’s where Uranus is, so at the end of September the Sun will be on the opposite side of the zodiac from Uranus and in a challenging relationship with Pluto.  It’s called a T-square and we’ll all feel it, especially those who will be affected by Pluto’s change of direction.  Time for deep-seated change — this is not about a fad diet.  Librans usually have two speeds — like hell and not at all. . . .  It is a time to focus on internal balance.

The Harvest Full Moon occurs on September 29th at 7 degrees Aries, right on top of Uranus.  There will be a lot of emotion/feeling (Moon) attached to either the quest for Self and/or the destruction/revolution of old patterns that no longer work.  The new moon occurs on September 15th still in the sign of the harvest — Virgo — the harvest of self.

Have a great September.

Peace and blessings,


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