Astro Doings December 2012

Hi Everyone

I find it hard to believe that I’m now writing about the last month of 2012.  It certainly seems to me that someone has turned up the speed of the merry-go-round!  Astrologically December is quieter than November.

Having said that, the on-going challenge/opportunity of the growth-producing relationship, called a square in astrology, between Uranus (rebellion, Shiva, destroyer of old patterns, innovator, mental, electricity, lightening bolts) in Aries (fire, questing for Self, selfish, new beginnings) and Pluto (transformation, shining light in places we don’t want to look at, power, power struggles, mines, espionage) in Capricorn (earth, structure, status quo, systems, reluctance to change, sure footed climb up the spiritual mountain) will continue — actually through 2015.  The planets are very close together right now and Uranus changes direction on December 13th, which means his energetic influence will be more easily felt.  He will be at 4 degrees Aries.  For those with planets or other significant points from 0-10 degrees Cancer, Aries, Libra or Capricorn this on-going relationship can assist you in deep seated change.  If you have planets in Cancer or Libra in challenging aspects in your chart, this transit of Uranus and Pluto can make this time even more significant.  If you’re not sure if that’s the case, let me know and I’d be glad to help you with that.

The other on-going  “event” if you will, is the easy flowing (called a trine) relationship between Saturn (structure, authority, delay, lack, fear, ego, discipline) in Scorpio (water, depth, power, sex, death, healing) and Neptune (dreams, fog, illusion, glamour, spirituality, divinity, compassion, redemption) in Pisces (water, urge to merge with all that is, addiction, escapism, meditation).  This combination can, like the two fish in the glyph of Pisces, swim in either direction — or both at the same time.  It can give more discipline (Saturn) to our spiritual practice (Neptune).  It can produce enough fear (Saturn) that we seek to escape (Neptune) everything.  It can bring about great healing.  The element of water is quite contrary to our current culture, even though the Sun in the chart of the US is in water (Cancer).  Water is feminine; its sources of information and understanding to not come from the rational mind.  It is at home in the feeling (or emotional, depending) nature.  So, this easy flow between these planets in these signs provides an opportunity to honor this softer, non-linear side of ourselves — to cultivate it while this relationship continues.  Saturn spends 2.5 years in a sign.  Because Saturn moves more quickly than Neptune, there will be times when this relationship is stronger and sometimes when it’s not as strong.  It also means that we will be dealing with the issue of water globally.

The much heralded and misunderstood Winter Solstice occurs on Friday December 21st when the sun enters Capricorn at 6:12 a.m and we celebrate the return of the light (and Light) to the world.  The full moon occurs a week later at 7 degrees Cancer, joining Saturn and Neptune to form a grand trine in water — a very easily flow of energy, but without the boundaries of earth (Capricorn) could engulf us.  Emotions may be running very high for some.

I wish you all the joys of this season of Light.  May all of yours shine brightly.

Abundant peace and blessings,


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