Astro Doings January 2013

Hi Everyone

As 2012 ends the Sun and Pluto are “jogging” through Capricorn together — actually they’ll be neck and neck through January 10th.  Capricorn is an earth sign, representing the status quo, stagnation (think Congress), structure, planning, and caution.  In its higher manifestation Capricorn is the sign of the spiritual initiate, climbing sure-footedly out of the waters of emotion up the mountain of spiritual understanding.  This can be a time of deep seated transformation, especially for those with planets and other significant points (like the Ascendant or Midheaven or lunar nodes) in early degrees (1-15) of the other earth signs (Taurus and Virgo) or the other cardinal signs (Aries, Libra and Cancer).  (The energy of cardinal signs tends to initiate and is masculine in its feel. Those with lots of cardinal energy tend to start things, but not finish them.  Entrepreneurs generally have a lot of this quality of energy.)

In addition Capricorn’s planetary ruler, Saturn, is now in Scorpio, which is ruled by Pluto. Astrologers call this “mutual reception” and it means that the planets work very harmoniously together.  Scorpio is a very powerful and generally misunderstood sign. Like its planetary ruler Pluto, Scorpio goes deep, understands the ick at the bottom of his/her pond and also the ick at the bottom of yours, which can be a little disconcerting to say the least. Being a water sign, they are very psychic, great investigators and are among the finest healers in the zodiac. The quality of Scorpio’s energy is sustaining — called fixed in astrology.  It’s feminine, so we have a very lovely balance here for all of us who want to really get at our old stuff and turn things around in the new year.  We have Pluto (transformation) in Capricorn (earth, initiating, careful, determined, dedicated planning and examination of the status quo) and Saturn (structure, lessons, fear, ego, limitation, learning) in Scorpio (water, psychic, depth, sustaining, understanding, insight, power).

This mutual reception between Pluto and Saturn will last all year. It’s particularly strong now because of the other planets in Capricorn.  Mercury (our mind, how we think and process information) and Venus (our love nature; how we receive and give love) are also both in Capricorn — Mercury for the first half of the month; Venus for most of it. This is a lot of Capricorn energy this month and focuses our energy on structures both personal and nationally and internationally and how they’re working (or not)!

Supporting Saturn in Scorpio is Neptune (illusion, fog, deception, compassion, redemption) in her own sign Pisces (water, devotion, escapism, service, union with the divine), which is represented by two fish swimming in opposite directions — one going up to spiritual truths, music, higher insights and the other escaping through addiction.  (This can be addiction to sugar or your favorite TV program as well as to drugs.) When planets are in the sign(s) they rule they can express themselves more purely and easily.

This means that only Uranus (the higher mind, destroyer of form), Jupiter (expansion, good fortune, larger than life) and Mars (war, assertiveness, impulsiveness) are not in the earth/water line-up.  This can go one of two ways — or fluctuate.  Uranus is in fire (Aries) and Jupiter and Mars are in air (Gemini and Aquarius respectively).  Fire and air like each other and tend to have great ideas and can be very inspired, but have no way to ground these ideas and bring them forth.  If they work together with their planetary colleagues they can bring inspiration from the highest realms (Uranus) and have ideas about how to reform the status quo (Capricorn) into something better for all (Aquarius).  Or they can just go off and do their own thing. . .   Let’s hope it’s the former!

I’m convinced that the concentration of earth/water energy will trigger something in most of your charts.  (If you’re not sure what, give me a call.)  I hope that we all take advantage of this deep healing opportunity to change what no longer works and strengthen what does.

The sun enters Aquarius on January 19th at 4:52 p.m.  The new moon occurs on January 11th at 2:44 p.m. at 21 degrees Capricorn.  The full moon is January 26th at 11:38 p.m. at 7 degrees Leo.

I wish you all a most healthy, happy and prosperous New Year!

Abundant peace and blessings,


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