Astro Doings May 2013

Hi Everyone

Hope you had a great April and enjoyed the very, very brief lunar eclipse, even though we couldn’t see it here.

Eclipses: May will provide two additional eclipses.  It’s not unusual to have three eclipses in a row, but most often it’s only two.  (We won’t be able to see these either.)  A reminder that eclipses alter the earth’s electromagnetic field, realign grids and offer us all an opportunity to toss attitudes, beliefs and behaviors that no longer serve us and our spiritual path.  These three eclipses are all focused on releasing the past — dissolving it away from our thinking and emotions.

The first eclipse in May  is an annual solar eclipse on the 9th at 19 degrees Taurus.  This will be more easily felt by those with planets or other points on their charts at 16- 22 degrees Taurus, Scorpio, Aquarius or Leo (the fixed, aka stubborn, signs).  A solar eclipse is about new beginnings and Taurus is the sign of the builder.  Taurus is also the sign that is most directly connected to the Earth.  Interestingly this eclipse is right next to (conjunct) a dwarf planet, Sedna, who was “discovered” in 2003.  Far beyond Pluto, Sedna is named for an Inuit goddess — the only planet not named for a god/goddess of the Greek/Roman pantheon.  She protects creatures of the oceans and focuses on the divine feminine.  She calls us to care for our waters, physical, emotional and spiritual.

The second (and last until the fall) eclipse is a lunar one on May 24th at 4 degrees Sagittarius. (Attention those with planets or other points on their charts from 1-7 degrees Sagittarius, Gemini, Pisces or Virgo.)  This is a very powerful eclipse, since the moon is closest to the Earth (perigee) when it occurs.  It coincides with the third of the exact squares between Pluto and Uranus.  (See below.)   It is also in a t-square with Neptune, who is also in a water sign, and therefore focuses on the power of our minds and our beliefs — conscious and not.  Carrying on the theme of releasing old attitudes from the past, we can see how our thinking and how our beliefs create our world.  So time to toss that which doesn’t support what no longer serves our highest and best.

Uranus and Pluto: The third of seven exact squares between Uranus and Pluto will occur on May 20.  Actually they’ll be very close most of the month of May.  Uranus, as you remember,  is in Aries, a fire sign; Pluto is in Capricorn, an earth sign.  Earth is a wonderful way to put fire out; fire can render earth unusable.  Uranus and Pluto are powerful archetypes — Uranus being the Promethean desire to create, expand and express ourselves as individuals.  (He is the ruler of Aquarius, sign of rebellion.)  Pluto rules the underworld, the subconscious, power struggles, manipulation, transformation (and the sign Scorpio).  One way to interpret this powerful square is to see how structures known and unknown (Capricorn), personal and collective (Pluto) undermine our expression (Uranus) of our selves (Aries).  I don’t need to tell you that this is a time of great change, personally and collectively, but that doesn’t mean that we need to be afraid of it.  As we all work to clear the debris (Pluto) of old belief systems and patterns (Capricorn), we can experience breakthroughs (Uranus) in consciousness so that we may express our true selves (Aries).

Have a wonderful May!

Abundant peace and blessings,


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