Astro Doings May 2012

Hi Everyone

Hope you had a wonderful April and are continuing to enjoy the lovely dance that the Moon and Venus are doing.

Venus will go retrograde on May 15th.  She will be at 23 degrees Gemini and will continue “backwards” until June 27.  In June she will also transit the Sun, but more about that next month.  A planet in retrograde is often experienced more inwardly and can have more difficulty expressing itself freely.  I believe one of the most positive uses of this retrograde is to be more loving toward ourselves and to contemplate (always a good retrograde word) how that changes the world around us.  It’s also a time to think about how we relate to each other and to Mother Earth.  I believe this celestial dance of Venus and the Moon is very signifiant as it calls us to better balance our masculine and feminine sides and masculine and feminine energy in general.  This can be a time to strengthen our own inner Sophia.  Those with planets from 18-28 degrees Gemini, Sagittarius, Virgo, Pisces, Aquarius and Libra will be most affected by this change in Venus’s direction.  All this in prep for her transit across the face of the Sun (male principle) on June 5.


And now the Moon. . . she will be full on May 5 at 16 degrees Scorpio. It is the biggest and closest full moon of 2012 — so enjoy and I hope the skies are clear where you are!  Scorpio is a water sign of deep intensity, where we can dive down into our own emotional/feeling nature.  When the Moon is full she is in the opposite sign that the Sun is in — in this case Taurus.  Taurus, being an earth sign, is very at home on our Mother planet.  It can also be a rather stubborn sign . . . Water softens earth and earth gives boundaries to water.  This dance of the Sun and Moon which began at the noon Moon last month (April 21) focuses on providing boundaries to our emotions/feelings, creating that which is practical and helpful to Mother Earth.

On May 20 when the Sun enters Gemini there is a solar eclipse, which occurs when there is a new Moon.  In this case it’s a 0 degrees Gemini and Sun and Moon come together in the sign of the Twins. Eclipses can be thought of as energy vortices that remain open for quite a while — years in fact, so when there is a transit to this point the energies are more sensitive. (See the list above for those who will be most i mpacted by this eclipse.  Planets should be from 0 to 3 degrees.)  Gemini wants to sample a little bit of everything but it’s deeper meaning is the reconciliation of opposites. By sampling everything Gemini begins to understand that all is one — different points on the same continuum.  We will not be able to see this eclipse from here, but the shift in energies can be felt by us all.  In two weeks there will be a lunar eclipse.  They always come in pairs.

Have a wonderful month.  June promises to be very exciting.

Peace and blessings,


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