Astro Doings November 2014

Hi Everyone

November promises to be a little quieter than October. Good thing!  However, remember that the eclipses we had last month work like energy vortices, so the degrees where these eclipses occurred and how they impacted your chart will continue for many months.

Neptune goes direct and we will continue to have an emphasis on the elements of fire and water with some earth. Sorry air signs, not much of your element for this month. I think this shifts the focus from the world of ideas and theories (so dear to the air element) to inspiration and some recklessness (fire), other ways of knowing, such as intuition or gut feelings (water) and practical application (earth).

Neptune, planet of fog, illusion, compassion, redemption, the higher octave of Venus, stations direct (i.e. stops and turns around) on November 16th at 2:06 a.m. ET. She’ll be at 40 Pisces (the sign she rules). Neptune is very strong in her own sign with a desire to merge with something greater. Neptune has a hard time relating to earth plane experiences because her focus is always on the numinous. Those with planets from 0 to 100 Pisces, Cancer or Scorpio (the water signs) or Virgo, Sagittarius, or Gemini (the other mutable signs) may feel this change of direction more strongly.

Mars will be running along side Pluto in Capricorn this month, adding additional energy, or perhaps urgency (Mars) to the deep-seated transformative energy (Pluto) of the status quo (Capricorn). What is old, stale, not working is going to become increasingly evident on all levels, personal and societal. As we enter the winter months (for some of us), this is a wonderful time to rest, regroup and rethink that which we wish to change in ourselves – which is truly the only place where change can be made.

Venus, planet of love, grace and beauty, will move out of her conjunction (being next to) with Saturn, planet of restriction, lack, delay, lessons and authority figures in watery Scorpio on November 17th. While Scorpio can be a sign of great depth and insight, Saturn generally restricts the expression of the energies of whatever planet it is in contact with, providing an opportunity to re-examine our attitudes toward the issues involved – in this case how we express love to ourselves, to each other and to our planet. After the 17th, Venus will move into fiery Sagittarius and be in an easy flow (trine) relationship with Uranus in Aries. All fire signs are on a quest – for Sagittarius it’s the quest for Truth; for Aries it’s the quest for the highest expression of who we truly are.

Jupiter, the biggest planet of our solar system, is currently in the third fire sign, Leo, in a challenging growth relationship (square) with Saturn in Scorpio. Fire and water are generally very suspicious, to put it mildly, of each other for obvious reasons. The planets represent antithetical principles, sort of like walking with your shoes tied together. Water is a great way to put fire out and too much fire boils water away. Jupiter is optimistic, expansive, larger than life and likes being in a fire sign. Saturn generally presents as fear, restriction, “better not,” our internal critic.   In a water sign, Saturn will operate on our emotions, gut feelings, and general sensitivities. This combination, which lasts all month, may makes us feel like we’re on a teeter-totter. One minute we’ll be feeling optimistic, the next fearful. Leo’s quest, by the way, is the quest for the divine within each of us.

The Sun enters Sagittarius on the 22nd at 4:38 a.m. ET, and the new moon occurs on the same day at 7:32 a.m. The full moon occurs on November 6th at 140 Taurus.

Have a wonderful November and Thanksgiving – a time to focus on all that we have to be grateful for in our lives.

Peace and abundant blessings,


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