Astro Doings May 2014

Hi Everyone

Phew!  Well, April was certainly intense!  Many people whom I’ve talked to and done readings for this spring have not felt the rush of energy that generally comes in the spring – myself included.  I would describe everything as feeling very inward still. I believe it is due to the Cardinal Grand Cross in April, which will continue through May, and the fact that Mars has been retrograde since March 1.  When a planet’s motion is retrograde, we tend to experience its energy more inwardly.  Mars is the planet of getting things moving, war, initiating new projects; he rules Aries, a fire sign. So if you’ve been feeling like your get-up-and-go got up and went, you’re not alone. I believe this will ease a little bit towards when Mars goes direct.  (See below.)

May promises to be a little quieter in that there are no eclipses.  However the Cardinal Grand Cross will still be there:  Pluto in Capricorn square Uranus in Aries (with Venus most of the month), square Mars in Libra, opposed Jupiter in Cancer.  (See April Astro Doings for a full description of this intense configuration.)  Again those with planets in middle degrees (8-20) of cardinal signs may feel this Grand Cross more intensely than others.

Mars, the planet of male energy, vitality, initiative and action, stops and starts going direct on May 19th.  I hope you’ve all enjoyed seeing the red planet in the night sky.  He has been truly spectacular this year.  Anyway, once he starts going direct again, energy should flow a little more smoothly.  It will also be a time of bringing forth that which we’ve been ruminating about since he went retrograde in March.  He’s still not in a sign that he likes –Libra, Venus’s sign.  Hmmm.  Nice sweet Venus’s attitude toward Libran issues, relationship, balance, fairness, does not suit Mars very well.  However, it promises more energy for re-examining how we relate to ourselves, to each other, to our planet.  He is also sitting on top of (conjunct is the astrological term) Saturn in the US chart, which represents the executive.  More energy directed toward balance and fairness would be a good way to use Mars in Libra.

Speaking of intense, the full moon occurs on May 14th at 230 Scorpio.  If that isn’t enough, Saturn, planet of authority, restriction, lack, delay, lessons, old age and fear is right next to the moon.  Oppositions, which is what a full moon is – the moon is on the other side of the heavens from the sun – especially in fixed signs (Taurus, Scorpio, Aquarius, Leo), present the opportunity to breakdown long held beliefs and belief systems.   Fixed signs are called fixed for a reason – they really don’t like change, especially personal change.  Stubborn is one word used to describe the quality of these signs.  However, the fixed quality also sustains (sometimes longer than necessary!), nurtures and is feminine in its nature.  So a positive way to approach this full moon is to face our deeply (Scorpio) held fears (Saturn) and identify what we truly desire (moon in Taurus).  Taurus invites us to slow down and smell the beautiful flowers that bloom in May – many of these flowers are the blossoming of our own internal work through this intense winter and early spring.

Lest the mutable signs feel left out, the sun moves into volatile Gemini on May 20th.   So, those with planets in Gemini, Sagittarius, Pisces (where Neptune currently is) and Virgo will get a little boost from the sun.  Of course, Gemini is an air sign, ruled by Mercury, and loves to explore everything.   Remember that Mercury was the only one of the Greek gods who could travel from Hades to Earth to Olympus and not get stuck in anyone place.  Ever tried to find a Gemini where you’d left him/her at a party?  You get my point.  The moon joins the sun (new moon) on May 28th at 70 Gemini for another scoop of this airy sign.

And finally, there is a grand trine in water from mid-May to mid-June with Saturn in Scorpio (intense desire, healing, manipulation, power), Jupiter (expansion, optimism, good fortune, excess) in Cancer (home, mother, food, nourishment, mother-smother) and Chiron in Pisces.  Chiron’s orbit is between Saturn and Uranus and thus bridges the world of form (Saturn) and the destroyer of form (Uranus).  He is a mentor, a guide and represents those experiences we use to help others who may be going through similar things. His energy can help us out of victim consciousness and into the realization of who we are in our fullness. Pisces is the last sign of the zodiac where we want to merge with something greater and escape this plane all together. This grand trine in the very intuitive element of water deepens our heart-mind connection, our capacity for compassion and healing, and heightens our intuition (the instructor within).  It provides a significant balance to the Cardinal Grand Cross and helps to soften and resolve its challenges. A trine is an easy flow of energy because the signs are in the same element.  Because it’s easy, we tend not to pay attention to the opportunity to use this trine to the fullest.  One caution: water does not have strong boundaries and can take on negative energy from others without realizing it.

Hope you have a wonderful May!  June brings everyone’s favorite retrograde –  Mercury – but more on that next month.

Peace and abundant blessings,



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